Change URL in <meta name="generator"> to

Should this

<meta name="generator" content="Plone -" />

be changed to

<meta name="generator" content="Plone -" />

to match our new colophon link URL, which is

<a href="" target="_blank" title="This site was built using the Plone Open Source CMS/WCM.">Powered by Plone &amp; Python</a>

Will this change affect our apparent number of installed sites?

I'm okay with changing this.

If you think about third party sites counting Plone sites, I guess some of them would need some changes.

According to its ok to also include the version number which would open in future some possibilities to make stats of public sites.

I have no idea if this is ok from a security point of view, but on the other hand its easy to detect a unpatched Plone version anyway.

If it doesn't conflict with security concerns then yes it would be fun to be able to track specific versions of Plone.

However I do want to ensure we are sending people consistently to the "correct" web site. People in the Plone community will know to go to but we want newcomers to see first.

I will make the PR.

Here's the PR: