Change the color used for private content

I understand why private content is displayed as red (names in table and tab) to admin, easy way to know which content is hidden

However, for a logged-in user with permission (based on role/group) to view the content, the red color is confusing (e.g. user wonders if the content with red is different) and not necessary (IMHO). I'd like to change so that the red only shows for admin. all other viewers with permissions to see content see the 'standard' color. (without permissions the content is obviously not displayed at all so this isn't an issue).

I assume the way to change this is in the css add a condition based on role/group as to what color the content will be. Is my assumption correct? If not what would people suggest.

Thanks for any help.

yes add to the css for your site
simplest way I know is to change barceloneta-compiled.css in your theme (or something like that if your have another theme) search for 'private' you should find something like

.state-private {
    color: #C4183C !important;

replace by

.userrole-manager .state-private {
    color: #C4183C !important;

at the body level Plone includes all the roles for the logged in user you can see them with your browser debugger
Don't seem to change the toolbar but it should not be a real problem in your case

Sooner or later, this will confuse someone.

Would it not be better to just hide the state for 'viewers' (this can easily be done with CSS' (and probably other ways, too)

Maybe something like

userrole-viewer #plone-contentmenu-workflow  {
    display: none;

maybe you also have to add

 userrole-somerole #plone-contentmenu-workflow  {
     display: inherit;

What about just hiding the whole toolbar for the viewer group?

@gp54321 thanks - worked perfectly.
@espenmn I wanted to change the color of the text shown in the navigation and tables. I didnt' want a user to see something as red. Red, in most cultures, means something bad.

As for your suggestion to hide in the l/h vertical navigation, I will try that also. imho a typical user should not be involved in considering the state of anything they are looking at.

However, something else I'd like to consider is for the owner of any content to see red if draft. If you create content, it is important to know the state so you will know if others can see it.

Thanks for the thoughts and tips.

Maybe one day (or sometimes/somewhere) a 'user' becomes 'an editor' and then he will be confused by the the colors, so for me it feels more normal to see 'something completely different' (like grey or white), or better: not show it at all

… at least, that is my opinion :slight_smile:

@espenmn I realize that my use case is limited and i'd have to consider more cases like you described. However, this works for me now. Users don't need to see colors.

as you point out, editors, and other roles might need to.

thanks for the input