Change password tab not showing

Just installed plone 5.2 and the change password tab is missing from user preferences, where is this set to be allowed and how is it done

You don't see something like this?

No nothing there just the two tabs on the left

who are you logged in as?

admin, that is why I'm trying to change password

Thank you for the help

Ah that explains it... when you install Plone, the admin user is actually a Zope user, so Plone cannot change its password.

To change the admin user password, you have to use the Zope Management Interface, which I don't have handy otherwise I'd show you the screen shots or the URLs.

Depending on the installation method you use, you can specify the admin password in the command line or let it get set randomly.

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In the ZMI, find the acl_users folder

Ok thank you for the quick help

Have a great weekend

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