Change folder_contents to show other columns

I'm trying to modify folder_contents to showing something else rather than the default 3 columns (last modified, publication date and review state).

I saw this here on

But using the same approach with activeColumns seems to not work:

I posted a question on stackoverflow for it already but so far no answer there either:

Any advice? Since I posted the stackoverflow question I noticed the activeColumns on the mockup structure pattern, so, maybe I have to compile my own version of mockup?

did you found an easy solution for this? Just like you I need to set default active columns.

Looks like the right way to do it is loading the module and changing it's prototype:

var structure = require('mockup-patterns-structure');
structure.prototype.defaults._default_activeColumns = ["ModificationDate","EffectiveDate","review_state","id","Type"]

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