Category for GSoC posts?

@ebrehault looking at the categories that interested students are putting their GSoC posts under, maybe we should have one just for GSoC?

Hi @tkimnguyen!
Don't we have the gsoc tag already? Topics tagged gsoc
(or are you talking something different?)

Yes, the tag helps to find things that are related to gsoc but the problem is that people are posting into, say, the AI Team category (and adding the gsoc tag). (In case you're looking for it, I recategorized it under "Uncategorized"). But if you look at other gsoc introduction posts, they're all over the map.

perhaps an "Introductions" category?

Oh right, "categories" and "tags" are 2 different things here, sorry my brain is a bit slow right now :laughing:
Yes, a "GSoC" category would be great.
(If we call it "Introductions" or "GSoC introductions" I am afraid students might post just their introduction in this category, and then move to another one when asking questions about the projects).

Sorry for jumping in between but it is getting a little bit cluttering, like gsoc introductions in announcement category etc.(but there's no specific category for intros so welp not anyone's fault).

So, IMHO calling it gsoc-QnA would be much understandable bcz introductions are one form of QnA too (like asking for get-started help etc.) and they can add other proposal specific questions there too.


Honestly, these introductions are more or less pointless and appear to me as former mentor like dancing on a catwalk without audience.

What counts are the proposals, not some pointless blather that read like variations coming out of ChatGPT.

Sorry if this may sound rude…but the complete GSOC approach is broken in many ways,..unrelated to Plone.


I understand your point of view Andreas, but however broken the GSoC process might look (and yes it has many flaws, I agree), I think that participating in an open source community is of course about contributing to the source code, but it's also about building relationships with people, so introducing yourself seems the most natural thing to do.

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new category -> Google Summer of Code - Plone Community

could we update instructions so that new GSoC-interested folks use that new category?

done :slight_smile:

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