Can't modify front (Welcome) page in Plone5.2


As a newcomer to Plone 5.2, I can't modify (edit) the Welcome to Plone front page of Plone 5.2 as it can be done on the Plone demo (and on older Plone versions). If I replace the Barceloneta theme with a new theme, deactivate the first and activate the latter, the uneditable front-page remains unchanged. And if I create a new theme it returns an OSError message wich says In French, my working language: "Nous sommes désolés, mais il semble qu'il y ait une erreur... (We are sorry, but it seems that there is an error...).

Any assistance in solving this problem would be much appreciated.

I assume you mean 'edit the content of the front page' (not the layout).
It seems strange that you can not edit it, but this should not be related to the theme.

You could try to do this

  1. Add a new page in root folder
  2. Select this new page as the default view of root folder
  3. Delete the original front-page

PS: In case there are Diazo rules, dont use an id of the front page as 'front-page'.

PS2: In case the front page is 'heavily cached', you should check if edits show on another browser / computer.

Thank you for your reply, Espen Yes, I did mean editing the content of the front page (not the layout). I also tried to add a new page in the root folder but it returned an error message saying that this page doesn't seem to exist (in French, my working language: Cette page semble ne pas exister…). I couldn't delete the original front-page.

The same problem occurs when I run Plone as localhost as on my remote VPS server.

I think you have an 'unrelated error'.
In other words: there is something wrong with your setup.

If possible, you should start your site in debug mode and paste the error here.

Often, this is caused by add-ons not being properly uninstalled etc. Is this a site that has been migrated?

You certainly must be right, there was a setup problem, although I still can't quite figure out what it was. But Plone-5.2.6 can now be installed and configured normally on Ubuntu 18.04. There is no problem editing its front page (I didn't try other Plone versions yet).

At any rate, I thank you so much for your kind assistance and can now consider this problem as solved.