Cannot create new issue for the Zope project on GitHub

I tried to create an issue on the Zope project on GitHub and got a "Access forbidden" page.

@icemac or @dataflake - could you please have a look what is going on?

It seems to work now - so either this was fixed by a configuration change or maybe it was a GitHub glitch.

@jugmac00 I did not fiddle with the settings. The message looks a bit strange as there is no Zope organization: Zope is a project the organization is zopefoundation. So it looks a bit like a Github problem.

At what URL did you get the error message?

The URL was the create issue endpoint ( ) directly, without hitting the submit new issue button.

It seems restricting access by ip address is a new feature of GitHub - e.g. on my company's settings page it is marked as beta.

And it looks like it is only organisation wide, not per project.

And when I look at I addressed the wrong ones, as you are no organization administrator.

Sorry for the buzz, next time I know whom to contact.

The security settings for the zopefoundation organization say: "This organization doesn't support an IP allow list." So it's clearly a flaw in GitHub itself.

Thanks for this information!

I had a look at GitHub/Status - but they did not mention any problems. Next time I won't believe them any more :slight_smile: