Cannot book a room online for PloneConf


Neither of the two conveniently located hotels accept booking online with a credit card in English for visitors from the United States. A day ago, I sent emails to both hotels with the following details. Neither responded with a resolution.

Eibarrooms's online payment portal does not send requests to my credit card company. I confirmed with my credit card company that they received none of my three attempts, the last of which was done while on the phone with them. The hotel instead suggested that I transfer funds from my bank to theirs, but my US-based bank does not have a SWIFT number and it cannot interface with an IBAN. OK, fine, let's try the next hotel, as this one apparently does not want to take my money.

Hotel Unzaga Plaza's English payment page returns an error message.

Is there anything that I or the conference organizers can do to resolve this issue?

Please let me know. Thank you!

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In such cases please write to and we will manage to do the reservation payment.