Can we move collective.beaker to GitHub?

collective.beaker seems to be a nice piece of software that has been forgotten in the old SVN repository.

Can someone move it to GitHub so it can be properly maintained, please?

We don't know if it's feasible for this particular package, but it would be a plus to keep it's commit history.



awesome! the import process is running now; the repository will be available in:

it doesn't work: it's bringing the whole Plone SVN repo; I aborted the process after 8 hours because it had more than 800 contributors and it haven't finished.

Having to spool the whole repo server is inherent to svn. I've done source code analysis over the whole zope/plone/collective code bases a few years ago, when everything was still in svn, and importing those sources with git-svn took forever, since even for a single package it has to parse all the changes for the whole svn database.

That said, the results were clean per-package. You may wish to do a git-svn checkout in a terminal somewhere and check back after a day. Once that obtains a good git repo you can push that to Github.

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There is the old way which has a few optimisations that could make it quicker -

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@hvelarde The import on github is still running. Didn't you write that you canceled it? Or was it something else that you canceled?

I have a copy of the svn collective locally in a VirtualBox with some scripts and configs for exporting, which is much faster. I could import it from there instead.

@davilima6 restarted it because he was curious on the process; now it's canceled again, thanks!

I have imported it:
I did some code cleanup. I have not actually started an instance with it. :slight_smile:
Have fun!


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