Can we have a new bobtemplates.plone release?

Only @pbauer and @tisto are the package owners of Can someone from the Plone foundation get in touch with them and ask for a release? The 1.0.5 version has an issue and plone_theme_package is not even available. This is really harmful for new people coming into the Plone world.

@MrTango can you help us here?

Hello @idgserpro we will have a release soon.
I ask @pbauer if he could give me access on pypi.
I'm sprinting next week on the remote sprint Remote Sprint to finish Plone 5.1 on August 28.-30
I'll try to get the release out during the sprint and probably working on the 2.x release too.
I would like to have an alpha of 2.x out by the end of the sprint.
For more discussions about the future of bobtemplates.plone see: Improving bobtemplates.plone

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I made a new beta release, please help testing it.