Can the ++production/++unique++ resources be hardcoded?

Now and then, the Fontello fonts disappear from a theme.

Is there a way to 'hard-code' them (I never edit the fonts anyway, so even a (Plone) CDN would be OK)

So, if possible, I want any url like:


to be

That's curious... could that be a caching issue?

I dont think so (but dont know), I think it is more a registry problem (I tried to rebuild things, but it does not help).

Anyway: I see no reason why the fonts should have such a special URL.
Fonts usually NEVER change on a site, or is this 'something about Fontello' ?

Sorry, I don't know much about those fonts. But the ++themeid++ notation tells Plone to refer to a resource in your theme.

The Fontello font is for the icons at the control panel (or something similar)
I just wish that the urls for those fonts did not use an url with


( since I can not see that this font will change at all )

PS: My wording was maybe wrong: the fonts does not really 'disappear from a theme', they are part of the 'logged in uses stuff that comes with barceloneta', so in reality this is a registry build issue (?)

Is that not the ID of your theme? Or is that the theme build or compile datetime?

It is not from my theme... it comes from the static resource bundle I think

I am interested in this topic. This is also causing issues with PAM Google translate icon. I reported this as a bug for PAM at

In this case, the referred image is requested from its css as url(''). However, since the css is called by a js in the logged-in bundle the context becomes ++plone++production/++unique++/... and this causes the error.

My quick and dirty workaround is via a redirect rule in Nginx.

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What rule did you use ?

    location / {
    rewrite ^/\+\+plone\+\+production/.*/gtranslate.png$ / last;