Can no longer download release tarballs from ``?

I support an ancient Zope 2.9 application which I've moved to containers where the ./Dockerfile downloads several tarballs from and installs them into an sufficiently old base image for Zope 2.9 to build and install. Those steps that used to download the tarballs successfully now fail. Specifically, URLs that used to respond with a download now respond with a directory listing. For example:

I assume this is some sort of deployment bug or some such so consider it reported. :wink: Also, is there a better, more reliable way to get old releases?

There were discussions whether to shut down completely (fingers crossed it will not).

Also, there are issues with the domain in general, see

That said, did you have a look at ?

Ok, we probably shouldn't have been relying on that in the first place.

I thought about trying to build from source (or a GitHub release tag tarball), but I couldn't recall if the old Zope 2 tarball releases were straight out of VCS or if there was any sort of a build step. That was definitely my next fallback though.

Keep us posted!

The old Zope releases are also in the Zope GitHub repository, you can access them at

Interestingly it has only Zope 2.9.9 instead of 2.9.12 you where pointing to.
Maybe I overlooked that version.

@dataflake Do you see a chance to get that 2.9.12 release so we can store it in the repository instead of 2.9.9?

We have some old zope tarballs here, among them, the 2.9.12 one:

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This was my bad. has completely moved to a new VM and all that old content is there and available, but the Apache configuration was missing a few rewrite rules.

P.S.: I fixed the sources for so it shows Zope 2.9.12 as last Zope 2.9 release, and verified on that the other branches also show the last release correctly.


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