Can I use zurb foundation in plone 5

My question is: Can I integrate zurb foundation with diazo theme?

You can use whatever CSS framework you want (or none at all) to create your theme.

I mean im trying to do a drop down menu (navbar) and it doesnt work.

Where do I register news JS ? in the index page ? grunt file ?

hi @hekireky can you check the following repos links:

I'm sorry im pretty new to plone but, how do i install this frameworks ?

Thank you

Hi @hekireky

No problem just tell me:

What version of Plone using?

What kind of installer of Plone are you using? unified installer or an buildout custom project?

Im usijng plone 5 and unified installer

hey @hekireky

Please, can you said what version from this URL are you using?

Your awnser, let me try this repositories in the specific plone version what you are using...

Plone 5.0.8 (5018)

ok let me try :slight_smile: