Can I propose my own Idea?


I have an idea and would to create a proposal for the same. But I want to be a mentee and work on this idea. Is it possible?

For GSoC, no. These ideas are driven by mentors.

For general improvement, yes.


@Onyx2406 yes you can. but you'd have to find a mentor and get some consensus that it's a good idea for it to get accepted. But it's not like the current suggestion list are the only source of good ideas.

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This is a theoretical approach which is not going to work in reality. As @stevepiercy said: project ideas will always come from mentors.

well, there is no rule as such in GSoC policy but if it is plone's rule then fine!

It's not the Plone, it's my understanding of how GSOC works.
As a GSOC mentor, I would reject any try to add proposals as my own coming from aspirants.
That's how it works.


Technically you are correct, per GSoC Rules 7.3.(c):

Project Proposals may, but are not required to, be for Projects on an Organization’s Ideas List.

You would have to work extra hard to convince someone to mentor you and work with you on your idea. The probability of that approaches zero, but is close enough to be zero, given that all mentors have already committed to work on existing Ideas.

So to pedantically answer your question, "Is it possible?" Yes, with a probability less than monkeys flying out of my butt.


IMO @djay's answer is the most helpful here.
I think it's a bit harsh to not allow any original idea from the GSOC aspirants. If someone comes up with an awesome proposal maybe even a mentor would be found who didn't think of mentoring yet.

Btw. where is the page where one can contribute an idea? I have some.

I like the flying monkeys analogy though.