Can I make locks unstealable by users who are not Site Administrator?

Hello everyone,

I am on Plone 6, using it for blogsite and when I start editing any page it gets automatically locked (which I truly love!) but someone with edit permission is able to unlock it and they just get a toast notification.

I would love to know if there's a feature/setting where I can make my locks only stealable by someone with Site Admin role or Manager. And if anyone else want to or try to unlock it I get some sort of notification to confirm it whether or not they can unlock the page.

I saw that I can manage Locks in Classic UI, but in Volto I don't see anything like that OR am I missing something? I have this addon GitHub - plone/plone.locking: Provides basic automatic locking support for Plone content

Any kind of help will be really appreciated since this is getting little annoying.

Thanks! :slight_smile: