Calling all Plone service providers & consultants

If you are a Plone service provider or consultant / consulting agency, we want to list you on!

The front page of shows a small randomized selection of providers, with a link to Providers where all providers are listed.

The 2022-23 board agreed to make a concerted effort to list as many providers as possible, and so we ended the small fee associated with listings (the fee had originally been instated to ensure annual updates to listings).

All we need from you if you're not already listed there is:

  • your company/organization/name
  • your website address
  • a logo

Please send them to me at

(if you are new to the community, we may ask you for additional information.)


New provider listing: :slight_smile:


New Providers listing:

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it's Providers :wink:

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new provider listing: Grieg Medialog


...and another provider listing: Bika Lab Systems


..and ANOTHER Plone provider listing: kitconcept GmbH

PretaGov :uk: :australia:


Yes @mauritsvanrees -> I'm all in with team "Plone76" :wink: :raised_hands:

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Kids these days :smile_cat:

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Plone is my favorite legendary weapon, comes standard with two-shot and explosive munitions... Any other 76 vault dwellers here?

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new Plone provider listing: Fresco Media


another Plone provider listing!

new Plone provider listing :sunny:

another provider listing!

new provider listing :switzerland:

new provider listing :belgium: