[CALL FOR TRANSLATORS] Plone 5 Training resources

Hi Plonistas

There is available the content for his translation at Transifex.com about Plone 5 Training


If you want to contribute with translations for your local lenguage o other language, just create an Transifex.com account and request to join for the team translation


Translations availables are:

  • Spanish (es) 3,378 strings to translate 2 strings to review (Spanish translation tasks are here https://trello.com/b/irvccBbH/plone-spanish-translations)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR) 6,918 strings to translate 146 strings to review
  • French (fr) 6,962 strings to translate 105 strings to review
  • German (de) 6,971 strings to translate 96 strings to review
  • Japanese (ja) 6,930 strings to translate 137 strings to review
  • Ukrainian (uk) 6,955 strings to translate 112 strings to review

You are welcome to translate the Plone 5 training resources and spread our project in other languages.

Any questions and comments are welcome!

Thanks @macagua. Two questions: who is updating the resources in transifex and how often? Who is pulling the changes into the training resources?

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Hi @tmassman

Me initially because a need theses resources updated in Spanish and eventually when are new changes from the Sphinx files from the Github repository https://github.com/plone/training

If you are refer to Who is pulling the changes into the training resources into Github repository? well at the moment me via "Pull request" as the Spanish Translation Team Leader.

When I complete the translation I pull fron Transifex the po files into the Github repository ans rebuild the Plone training resources with my translations using a lite changes into Makefile like the following:

.PHONY: html_es
html_es: bin/sphinx-build
	$(SPHINXBUILD) -D language='es' -D html_search_language='es' -D project='Entrenamiento Plone 5' -D copyright='''El texto y las ilustraciones en este sitio web son licenciadas por la Plone Foundation bajo la licencia Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International''' -b html $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) $(BUILDDIR)/html/es
	@echo "Build finished. The Spanish HTML pages are in $(BUILDDIR)/html/es."

Note: Just replace es for your locale code and translate the Sphinx variables values in your language.

Then I do the review the translations applied directally into the resources, fix any changes locally and push these changes to Transifex.com using tx command (Transifex client) and then mark this new improvements as Reviewed.

To finish the integration of the new translations into repo github just do a commit and pull request.

The workflow between GitHub and Transifex used is the following:

Maybe @pbauer as a Plone Training maintainer, he can share you opinion about what the right workflow to maintain integrate the last changes from Sphinx resources files into Transifex and vice versa.

@pbauer here the way I do [CALL FOR TRANSLATORS] Plone 5 Training resources

Hi, I requested today to help in Portuguese (Brazil) translation.

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@thyarles done, I added you!


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