[CALL FOR TRANSLATORS] Plone 4 Training resources

Hi Plonistas

There is available the content for his translation at Transifex.com about Plone 4 Training


If you want to contribute with translations for your local lenguage o other language, just create an Transifex.com account and request to join for the team translation


Translations availables are:

  • Spanish (es) is done! check out http://plone-training-spanish.readthedocs.io/es/plone4/
  • Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR) 2,258 strings to translate 203 strings to review
  • Japanese (ja) 2,305 strings to translate 156 strings to review
  • French (fr) 2,407 strings to translate 54 strings to review

You are welcome to translate the Plone 4 training resources and spread our project in other languages.

Any questions and comments are welcome!

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