Call for translators for Plone 6

Everyone is working hard on getting Plone 6 ready and we think that it is time to think also on translating Plone 6 interfaces!

Most of the Plone Classic is already translated. Not many things have changed since Plone 5.2 so the translation status of version 6 is more or less the same as in 5.2. So far so good.

But we need an effort to get Volto translations. Right now we only have translations for 9 languages and only 3 of them are above the 90% translated (ca, de and pt-br).

We have several nightly-run Jenkins jobs to check the translation status:

This post is then to do a heads up and encourage translators to translate Plone 6's UIs (classic and Volto) into their language.

Some weeks ago we started a thread here to know whether the community wants to move to a web based translation tool. Due to the lack of response (we only had 6 votes), we have decided to let the translation process as it is and to keep working on PO files on github.

The translation process is as follows:


  1. Go to and clone it into your computer
  2. Create a new branch to prepare the translations
    3.a Translate your language po file found at locales/{language_code}/LC_MESSAGES/volto.po
    3.b Alternatively, if your language file does not exist, create a new folder at locales/{language_code}/LC_MESSAGES/, copy over the volto.pot file there as volto.po and start translating.
  3. Commit your changes and add a Pull-Request.

We will review it and include it in the next Volto release!

Classic UI

  1. Go to and clone it into your computer
  2. Create a new branch to work on your translations
  3. Translate the PO files under your language of choice at plone/app/locales/locales/{language_code}/LC_MESSAGES/*.po. In Classic UI we have several language files because some of the original messages are spread over several language domains and products.
  4. Commit your changes and add a Pull Request with them. Try to have a review from a colleague, specially in case you are translating a file with already some translations. This is just to have coherent translations all over Plone.
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Hi! I added recently some changes, are they ok? Thanks!

I see your commits there, so yes, they will be published in the next alpha release!

We'll add an update soon for Romanian.

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Romanian traslations: Romanian transations by sboghy · Pull Request #3227 · plone/volto · GitHub


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