Call for trainings - Plone Conference 2022

For the Plone Conference 2022 we already have a nice list of trainings:

  • Mastering plone
  • Volto hands-on training
  • installation story for plone 6
  • Migration training
  • Plone classic UI: patternslib mockup
  • Plone classic UI: theming
  • Plone user training (for editors)

Of course we still welcome new ideas and especially more trainings
Let us know if you would like to

  • give a training,
  • help give a training or
  • have an idea for a training that you feel is missing

All contributions to the training or documentation are very welcome, more information on contributing to the training and documentation (plone 6) can be found at:

Hope to see you all at the conf!


We hope to get all of last year's trainers returning to give repeat performances!

Trainers this year will receive housing in exchange for their hard work. (Yes, it takes some preparation, but I can speak to the fact that it is a heck of a lot of fun to help users and developers).

If you would like to give or are thinking of giving training this year, please let us know (email: It could be on a topic that wasn't included last year, and, of course, the Plone Foundation family includes not just Plone but Zope and Guillotina and related technologies such as Pyramid.

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