Call for Trainings for Plone Conference 2021

Hey Plone people! At Plone Conference 2021 (23.-31.10.2021) we will have a couple of trainings on the first two days.

So far we are planning to have the following trainings:

  • Getting started with your Plone 6 site
  • Theming Plone 6 Classic
  • Mastering Plone 6 Development
  • React and Volto
  • Volto Addons
  • Deploying Plone 6
  • A yet unnamed Pyramid Training
  • A yet unnamed Guillotina Training

Additional topics that might be interesting (just my 2 cents):

If one of these strikes your fancy or if you have another suggestion please contact me at

Tranings will happen online on Sat 23. and Sun 24. each from 2pm - 6pm UTC. They are done via Zoom and will be recorded and uploaded on youtube. They usually also require written documentation as part of

Compensation for trainers is undying gratitude, eternal fame and a free ticket to the awesomest of conferences. Usually we also pay for the hotel and thow a lavish dinner but - you know - Corona.


I think a "real world Volto" or "build a complete website with Volto" is a missing piece. I think there's some confusion and misunderstanding on how to translate Plone patterns to Volto, how to deploy it, etc.


I like the idea. Most of that is already covered in Mastering Plone which tries to connect Plone patterns to Volto. But it is focussed on development and way to long for a "real world full story from installation, configuration and customization to deployment".
Maybe we can use "Volto Hands-On" (Volto Hands-On — Plone Training 2021 documentation) for that. If we update the installation-story and add a chapter on deployments we are mostly there. Maybe also a chapter that adds a existing Volto-addon and a existing Plone-addon.