Call for planning World Plone Day 2017

We are starting to plan World Plone Day, a coordinated worldwide series of meetups, seminars, and workshops, first started in 2008:

Activities ranged from small, informal gatherings with ad hoc presentations to large, formal sessions with a half dozen presentations, refreshments, and door prizes. Brasilia, Brazil had the largest event with 128 attendees. Events were tied together in more than enthusiasm for Plone--live blogging, Twitter, and streaming video were all used to interconnect participants.

If you are interested in leading the planning of WPD, please email me ( or message me, or reply below.

@gforcada @macagua @ericof @stetrabby... :slight_smile:

If you are interested in hosting a local WPD event, please stand by while we assemble the planning team.

First priorities will likely be:

  • deciding when to hold WPD 2017: in recent years, WPD has taken place on the last Friday of April (would be April 28, 2017, but that is close to PLOG in Sorrento, April 18-22, and do we want to give ourselves more time?)
  • determining how to have local events registered centrally so we can advertise most effectively, e.g. seemed to have been nicely thought out
  • identifying all communications channels and deciding which ones to continue using (e.g. who controls the @worldploneday Twitter account?, a email address)
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Pinging our Foundation ambassadors: @pigeonflight @kkdhanesh @terapyon

ping @agnogueira

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I'm sure we can pull off something via Python Jamaica. This is reasonable notice, though we still need to hit the ground fast and hard to make it good.

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Okay. I'll discuss with local member in this week.


@tkimnguyen I am here and I would like to lead the WPD :slight_smile:

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@tkimnguyen I believe that @agnogueira maybe can help to response who controls the Twitter account and the email. :wink:

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OK! @macagua and I have started to assemble a plan. @terapyon and @pigeonflight, thanks for jumping in. More info to come.

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@tkimnguyen Great :slight_smile: thanks you!

WPD! We are thinking about it .. Centralized registration is a good idea. Suggestion: Some promotional items(For e.g. Plone T Shirts for trainers, badges, Caps etc. ) left over can be sent to us if possible.

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We want to make Tokyo's event for WPD. And it's good day of 28th April for our place because we have one week holiday to start the next day.
I want to starting discussion with you.

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@macagua can you contact @agnogueira to get the Twitter login please?

@kkdhanesh ok - we will have to find someone to migrate the forms etc.

I am pretty sure we don't have many (any?) Plone t-shirts left over, even from Boston. We don't keep much inventory for any other things except stickers (hi @cganz !). For local WPD events especially given shipping costs it might make more sense for local hosts to order locally. (e.g. sending a single t-shirt to India from the US costs $22!) We don't have any generic Plone t-shirt designs on any on-demand ordering sites. (and the blue Plone 5 t-shirts designed by @acsr need to be custom ordered, I'm informed).

@tkimnguyen again and for the permanent record the design and production of the Plone 5 shirt was a teamwork of @acsr and @stetrabby intended for the EuroPython 2014 and then PloneConf Bristol, PyCon US etc.

Sure let me find some one from WPD-2017 India to work on migration parts. Could you update me about the exact form migration requirements in the . I will be able to train one or two to work on those specific areas. Sending costs of $22 on T-Shirts doesn't make sense. Let us drop the plan of expensive way.

@tkimnguyen "Intended" means not limited to use in any way (the design was granted for free and forever to the community) Intended means that the production concept fits, because we simply had no distribution issues and a large enough amount to handle the complexity.

Thx @kkdhanesh - it may just require recreating missing parts on entirely TTW. Will check first and see.

Dear all, I contend the assertion that in recent years WPD was held on the last Friday of April, when in fact it was on the last Wednesday of April - suffice to google for:
"World Plone Day" wednesday
Our edition, going on continuously since 9 years, will be in Bologna, Italy on Wednesday, 26 April 2017.
I hope that this doesn't disrupt the worldwide initiative! :slight_smile:
Warm regards to everybody!

For everyone planning a local WPD event, please create an event by going to , logging in, adding an Event with all the details, then submitting it for review.

@pbauer and @pigeonflight - thanks for creating your local WPD events!

@terapyon and @kkdhanesh and @CesareBrizio - would you please create and submit your local WPD events (with details)?

@gforcada, @gbastien - are you planning WPD events?