Call for GatsbyJS examples and experiences using content from Plone

One of the last year's GSOC projects was building a so called Plone "source plugin" for GatsbyJS (thanks to @ajayns). This year we got a new project (thanks to @iFlameing) to enhance that plugin with a very specific feature: bring immediate content updates from source Plone site to Gatsby development server (usable for better theme development experience and as a preview server for content editors).

Meanwhile it would be nice to know, if someone has already managed to use the current plugin version. I know, it is not perfect, especially for more complex sites, but it should be pretty trivial to be use for single page spin-off sites built from Plone managed content.

The most obvious ones are:

I hope, I had more real examples to show myself, but our projects are still in "R&D phase..."

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There's (slight trigger warning: it's for my day job, so is politically biased towards holding multinationals accountable. I'm not trying to insert politics here, but it's what I do :wink:

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