Calendar view using collection json output (like fullcalendar uses)

asking for a friend (me) :wink:

is there an common approach to for having a like view for collections?

as far as i can see
are heavily outdated

ok - to be precise: collective.js.fullcalendar was updated a few days ago (thanks to you, guys!), but the the base fullcalendar is version 1.6.4 (from 09.2013) - i guess cause of compatibility.

my questions are:

  • is fullcalendar 1.6.4 still a valid choice (also looking forward to plone 6+)
  • is there a chance for an upgrade to fullcalendar 4.x (might be able to help on that)
  • are there other solutions suitable for plone5/6 (thinking of "barceloneta lts")

i assume the basic idea is to have a collection with a json representation feeding the calendar.

thanks in advance and sry for opening this as a new topic.
i know this was mentioned several times in general, but those threads are as outdatet as some of those packages :wink:

Some members of the community are currently pooling resources to basically have a modernized rewrite of solgema.fullcalendar.

  • It will probably be called collective.fullcalendar.
  • It will be based on Fullcalendar 5 (which is currently in beta).
  • The target-platform is the classic frontend
  • It will support Plone 5.2 and 6

If you are interested to chip in or have requirements that are vital for your use-case please contact me or comment here.

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i am very happy to hear about those plans <3

this is a feature we are planning to add to our portal (starting in 4-6 months).
i fear i might be a little late for contribution on my own but will ask if we can contribute in any other way.