Business Casual theme has made disappeared language icons


I successfully added Business Casual theme in my Plone instance (using the Theme menu in the site configuration) but unfortunately, the language icons disappeared.

My Plone site is a multilanguage one and we use these icons languages to access a specific language part of the site.

Do you have any tips for solving that?

check if the diazo rules are there, like in the index.html of barceloneta.

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Thanks for your help, I just checked it and the diazo rules are in place (I saw no difference with the Barceloneta's Diazo rules)

The theme does not have support for it

I would add:

  1. One line of html in index.html
  2. One line in rules.xml


     <ul id="portal-languageselector"></ul>

  <replace css:theme="#portal-languageselector"

Maybe you can skip 2) if you are sure the rules are right.

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Thanks a lot, it works perfectly!