Bulk upload of documents

Is there a file bulk upload addon for Plone 5.1? I noticed the following are only compatible with Plone 4:

  • Products.PloneFlashUpload 1.3
  • collective.quickupload 1.11.0
  • collective.upload 9.18.0rc2
  • collective.js.fileupload

Please advise.


Are you sure you need it? There is already: https://docs.plone.org/working-with-content/managing-content/folder-contents.html

Sweet! I did not know that it has been incorporated into Plone 5. Duh on my part! Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

You can also try http://plone.github.io/mockup/dev/#pattern/upload if you want a standalone form.

I tried to make that into a (fragment) tile, any pointers are welcome:


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admin (admin)
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