Buildout to PyPI very slow

Buildout seems incredibly slow lately re: fetching from PyPI — moreso than I generally recall it being. I'm using Python 3.8.17 (via pyenv) on Ubuntu 22.04 with these in a venv:


vs pip (quick) on same machine(s) (same venv), the wheel discovery process seems super-slow, enough that it takes over 40 minutes to populate a ~93MB download cache of a pretty generic Plone 5.2 build from fast internet.

I have not yet profiled this — but from watching log output, it seems the issue is not download of the package, but reading index and deciding what wheel to grab, or some other such thing surrounding the download but not the simple act of grabbing the wheel.

Any clues or direction on how I can diagnose/improve this situation (other than punt and preload a download cache)?

maybe this?

That is not a problem in the older pip 20 that Sean is using.

Still, did you try latest pip and wheel?
Maybe setuptools as well, but this could give problems if you need to install old packages with non-standard version numbers. Also, stay below 68.1 if you need editable installs.