Buildout project and the Plone Foundation

In the question arose whether it is necessary to sign a Zope/Plone contributor agreement for the buildout repository.

So the broader question is: Is the Plone foundation also in charge for the buildout GitHub organization? If not who is taking care of it and governs it?


The project is not under the hood of the Plone Foundation. Nor it was - AFAIK - under the Zope Foundation. That said it is not necessary to sign a contributor agreement.

People wise Godfroid Chapelle @gotcha is the active maintainer of the project, so he, Jim Fulton as original author and maybe Tres Seaver should know more details.

Are you saying that all Zope Foundation projects were under the zopefoundation account ?

I just checked the buildout organization on github. There are three owners: Jim Fulton, Hanno Schlichting and Reinout van Rees.

I guess it would be fair to check with Jim if he has any wishes about this.

I'll send him a mail.

I assumed so. But fullack: asking is better than guessing, thanks!


Jim answered, confirming that there is no need for a Zope Contributor agreement.


Maybe we should create a CONTRIBUTING file in the repos mentioning this.