Building user portal with Plone CMS guideline


does anyone see somewhere nice articles or guidelines on setting up user portals with Plone CMS (especailly w/ Volto).

Maybe someone can share useful links :slight_smile:

What is a "user portal" ? Could you provide an example of such a website?

I would say that this is private end-user access (view?) to own protected part of web-site, which content, functionality and probably UI depends on user's role and permissions. A lot of sites provide that like.: banks, insurers, comm providers, hospitals and etc.

I do understand how it can be built as a standalone application with any popular web frameworks (e.g. Grails or any others), but I see that someone use CMS for such kind of tasks. I'm just wondering may be some useful resources to read with pros and cons or may some samples and guides somewhere, especially regarding Plone.

Plone as a CMS is very strong in this area, as it can provide you with very fine-grained access restrictions - based on groups, workflows, etc. It is a huge topic, but it's somewhat taken for granted with Plone. It has been there since a really long time, so I don't know if you'll find a lot of documentation.

My two cents, start with the Plone (classic UI, Volto's management interface is not that evolved) and try to understand its concepts of security: users, groups, sharing, workflows, etc. Also dig into the Zope Management Interface, look at the Security tab, portal_workflow, acl_users, etc. Then maybe you'll find some good docs online on Plone, even if older they're still probably valid.

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