Building a Volto UI kit for Figma

I've needed this for a bit so I've started to build out a UI kit in Figma.
This is going to be very useful in future projects.

I'm aiming for something like this: Figma - Fintech dashboard | Prototype of a fintech dashboad landing page. Follow me on Dribbble This prototype was built fo...


This sounds cool. @pigeonflight Did you have a public link? I too startred to refactor some of the core components in volto..

I think @sneridagh is also working on something like that, but for Quanta

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We'll have soon a PF public Figma resources for Quanta. We are currently working on this and in a community-powered framework for contributing to it with the missing elements.

I don't know if we will be able to have one for current UI, though. So it will be very welcomed!

@pigeonflight I'll ping you as soon we have it ready.



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Not yet, a few project specific details. I'll need to get rid of those before sharing the link.

Here it is... still early days:

@pigeonflight Thanks! looks promising!

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