Bug in portal_setup export of portlets?

Hey ho. I've got a Plone-5.1.5 site with some unusual behavior when exporting GenericSetup steps, specifically for portlets.

My site has a static text portlet. When I go to the ZMI, visit portal_setup, click the Export tab, check the box by "Portlets" and click "Export selected steps", I get a tarball with a portlets.xml file that, sure enough, mentions the static text portlet.

What doesn't seem to work is that the text itself of the portlet doesn't get exported. Instead, the XML file contains this:

<property name="text">
    RichTextValue object. (Did you mean &lt;attribute&gt;.raw
    or &lt;attribute&gt;.output?)

It looks like instead of the text, an admonition about calling "attribute.raw" or "attribute.output" gets into the exported XML instead.

Is this normal?

It is likely a bug -- or a missing feature: typical portlets have fields with simple values; in your case, the text value is more complex and apparently not supported by the generic handling.