Browsing through available Volto Blocks

What's the simplest solution to allow a customer to see/browse through the available volto blocks?
This is also helpful for UI designers so that they can design around existing blocks instead of ones that need to be created.

Low-tech solution: create a private page where you add all your available blocks and variations, add text describing them.


Storybook, already supported in Volto core and I remember seeing some messages on the Volto Discord channel about enabling/adding components from add'ons as stories as well.


Where are we with this?
I'd love to see a page that just summarizes existing common blocks.
These are blocks I'm aware of and I'd love to just see screenshots of them (or better, an interactive preview page) in action on a page.

I suppose this leaves us with @tiberiuichim's low tech option.

We could have one page on Plone 6 demo page as content? It would use all available blocks in the core and demonstrate how they work. That demo page could be linked to documentation.

Maybe the storybook Fred mentioned works that way, Idk.

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