Bower is (now officially) dead

The developers of bower declared their project to be officially deprecated:

What's the recommended way forward? Yarn?

Discussion elsewhere here has been about webpack...

Yarn + Webpack is the de-facto standard in the JS world.

webpack is a different story as bower is just about package management, no?

moving to npm/yarn should be quite straightforward. I just see two problems:

  • We need to be more careful in what to include in CMFPlone/static/components as long as we ship it like that (which we will as long as we follow the requireJS path and support TTW compiling) - because if node_modules contains then frontend and backend javascripts.

  • The fact that the node_modules directory cannot be renamed or moved elsewhere than the npm command is run (not sure about yarn handles this) leads to some more problems, which in the end makes it also necessary to give up mockup as a Python package and make a real npm package out of it.

This PLIP is about that: - we also discussed it in Sorrento and I think it might help us for a Webpack transition later on.