Borg.localrole not working out of the box

I am trying to get an role adapter running within an almost bare Plone 4.3 site on top of borg.localrole and this documentation:

  • rolemap.xml importered properly
  • adapter installed properly

During a standard Plone request I can not see any invocation of my own adapter nor any invocation of the borg.localerole default adapter.

'borg_localrole' plugin is registered and activated for ILocalRolesPlugin in acl_users...but no impact.

Is there some additional magic need for making borg.localrole actually work?


It should work OOTB, but is called only for authenticated users.

Loggined as root, don't see any invocations.

I grepped for ILocalRoleProvider through all installed eggs and found only some references in borg.localrole and


Not sure, if it affects that admin is defined in the root user folder. If you didn't find this already, try stepping:

getRolesInContext() is only invoked while creating a new Plone site but not for subsequent requests within this site.