Bootstrap components in Plone 5

I have a couple components from bootstrap 3 that I've put into my sites and I'm to the point where I am contemplating just installing bootstrap resources as a whole. I'm really only looking to use the components from it (popover, collapse, etc) that don't have a counterpart in mockup and not develop a theme based on it, but it looks like there is actually only a small amount of work to "undo" some of the styling I don't want.

The first problem I ran into is that the dropdown component doesn't work. No errors, it's just that nothing happens when I click it. It looks dropdown this may already be part of base Plone, and duplicating the code causes it to fire twice and cancel itself.

It's really not clear what parts of bootstrap are actually loaded on Plone pages. The entirety of bootstrap is in plone.staticresources and there are some registry resources defined for it, but this doesn't appear to mean they are part of an actual bundle (the bundles being what is actually downloaded with each page). There's also collective.js.bootstrap but the classifiers there suggests it is not meant for Plone 5.

So what's the play here, do I just go back to creating a registry resource bundle for specific bootstrap components I want, and abandon the idea of making the whole thing available?

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