Board of Director elections

Attention Plone Foundation members,

Good news! There are more candidates for the Plone Foundation board than there are seats available. This means that we will be running an election until Thursday Oct 24, 23.59 CEST .

In alphabetical last name order, the candidates are:

Érico Andrei
Fulvio Casali
William Fennie
Víctor Fernández de Alba
Andy Leeb
Jens Klein
Paul Roeland
Chrissy Wainwright

There are candidate statements available from all eight candidates at

There are two ways to vote. You may use either, according to your preference.

Electronic vote:
To vote electronically send an email to with your full name as it appears on the foundation membership list and up to seven names from the above candidate list. You must do this before Thursday Oct 24, 23.59 CEST .

Speak to Matthew Wilkes or Fred van Dijk at the Plone conference this week. We can accept hand-written ballots that include your name and up to seven names from the above candidate list. You must hand this to one of us before Thursday Oct 24, 23.59 CEST .

Number of votes:
You may vote for seven candidates, drawn from the eight standing for election. You may also vote for fewer candidates: the seven with the highest number of votes will be elected. You may not vote for all eight candidates, nor may you vote for any candidate more than once. You may only submit one set of votes.

Only active Plone Foundation members may vote. If you did not renew your foundation membership this year you will have been converted to an emeritus member. You can check your membership status at if you're unsure. If you are an emeritus member and wish to vote in this election, please ask to be re-instated by emailing Carol Ganz at You must do this before Thursday Oct 24, 23.59 CEST for your vote to be counted. Any ballots submitted by people who aren't eligible to vote will not be counted.

If you're not currently a Plone Foundation member, I encourage you to apply for membership to be able to vote in future elections and annual meetings.

The results will be announced at the Plone Foundation Annual Meeting at the conference this week. Vote totals for individual candidates will be published, as will some general statistics about the vote.

Who sees my vote:
Your vote will be seen by Matthew Wilkes and Fred van Dijk, who are acting as the returning officers for this election. Your ballot will be used to count the votes for each candidate and verify election statistics. The voting decisions of individual members will be kept confidential and the physical and electronic ballots will be destroyed at the end of this election.

Questions and complaints:
Please feel free to email with any questions about this process, or speak to Matthew or Fred in person. Any complaints can be raised with us, or with the current board, at your discretion.