Blockers for Plone 6 beta

The biggest chunk of work that still needs to land in core, is the image scales catalog metadata. This is ready for review.

Is there anything else that we really need to fix or add before we can release the first beta?


Documentation? Especially installation? /broken-record-voice

We have something in the works from @ksuess and @jensens in Installation backend from source with pip, mxdev, cookiecutter by ksuess · Pull Request #1260 · plone/documentation · GitHub. It definitely needs more review and feedback.

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We indeed need more installation documentation.
And Volto 16 needs an alpha release with the Slate editor.
This can still take a while. So I decided to go for another Plone 6 alpha release, number 5. A beta could follow rather quickly, maybe in two weeks?

Alpha 5 is close, I have even already made a Products.CMFPlone 6.0.0a5 release. Pending are releases for plone.volto and I have updated with the new versions, so adventurous types can try it out. There is a big list of release notes to read.

just a quick question/note regarding plone.staticresources: in versions.cfg there's the new release 2.0.0b1 while in constraints.txt its still the previous 2.0.0a3 version. As I run some mxdev setups which derive from constraints they're not updated yet.

EDIT: wah ... sorry for the noise ... it seems my local browser cache tricked me :see_no_evil: ... constraints.txt is now updated too

Nilesh has been working on, and I've been reviewing, a PR for volto-slate configuration documentation. We're close, but that's another thing that would be helpful for people to review.

this maybe is worth a quick check. Moreover, leaking the siteid in links can be problematic with search engines indexing (combined with Zope acquisition) because it can lead to duplicate content and wrong traversing.


The schema has boolean fields with require = true, that make no sense

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