Blocked html tags

I'm having trouble with Plone 5.1 blocking html tags.

  1. it strips/blocks the table background color tag
  2. i added both: background-color and bgcolor to the valid list in site setup.
  3. i checked to see if Tiny is blocking, but it isn't on blocked list (Tiny doesn't have allowed list)
  4. i checked 'block html filtering" and the colors show up. (For this site, the security risk isn't and issue)
  5. I didn't restart my server because when i toggled back and forth between check the "don't filter html" the changes showed up right away so i figured this wasn't the issue.

Is there a better (safer) way?


You might want to make sure that caching in the browser isn't an issue, by using another browser or going to incognito/anonymous browsing mode or appending things like ?x=123 to the end of page URLs

Also, I take it you've looked for docs, e.g.