Be a part of Plone Communications/Marketing

Like the UI/UX Team, I am also going to host a Hangout for everyone interested in helping with Plone communications and/or marketing.

To the start the Hangout, I'll give a brief overview of:

  • Current initiatives:, newsletter, Plone Community
  • Upcoming:, Plone 5

I would consider this a huge success if we could hash out:

  1. Communications & marketing goals for "big Plone/global Plone"
  2. Team(s) structure
  3. Identify everyone's areas of interest/expertise
  4. Identify next steps*

*More (probably many) follow up discussions will be needed for strategic planning, determining team(s) scope of work, etc.

We need all kinds of skills: writing, editing, note-taking, graphic/design, social butterflies and community cultivators, research, strategic planning/positioning, marketing, social media, analytics—whatever your talent, we can find a way to put it to good use!

If you're interested, bring an open mind, be ready to contribute, and leave a reply below so I can contact you later to coordinate a group Hangout date and time.


Count me in!

I am assuming that discussion of skills and contribution preferences will happen in the hangout.


Yes, they will.


(raises hand)

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secret servant...

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Count me in.


I'll sneak in.

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I will try to be around as well :smile:

I'll help as much as I can

I won't be making the hangout after all. I hadn't realised until today, when I tried to connect with the UI/UX hangout, that you need to use Google's proprietary Chrome plug-in. I won't do that. Sorry, folks.

Hi @iain. I do get your point, very much. On the other hand, I am predisposed by my daytime job (working for Clean Clothes Campaign, a nonprofit that deals with the stunning evil within the global garment trade) that there is hardly a 'right within the wrong'. Unfortunately. Even while spending considerable effort, I am not able to dress myself in clothes that are 100% OK. So, grudgingly, I compromise.

therefore, while I do really get your point, I am saddened we might get not your input. But, of course, all should make their own decisions on what they can do. However, If we can somehow take your input by other means (email, whatever) that would be good.



Thanks, Paul. I will make every effort to provide input, for what it is worth, via this forum, email or other means. I hope you have a good meeting.

[belated realized the hangout & video I mention below is for UI/UX, not Comm/Marketing team - sorry!]

Iain, I'm sure @bledwell and @vangheem will welcome your input via email, shared documents, and other means. Hangouts allow only up to 10 active participants; everyone else can only watch and maybe send in messages via IRC to the active participants. The recorded video of the hangout is still available here, but I don't know if it requires that proprietary plugin to view:

Thanks for that! I am watching it now.

It is available in HTML5 at:
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Whoops, that video is of the UI/UX hangout, not the Comm/Marketing hangout coming soon.

The TARDIS plugin hasn't been developed yet :wink:

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working on email & doodle poll. Email forthcoming, probably tomorrow!

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Happy to contribute as possible!
Typography, strategic planning & whatnot
Best channel for me may well be email. Can I subscribe through somewhere?

Oh and letterpress printing!

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