Barceloneta on Plone4?

Has anyone tried that? I would like to start using barceloneta in UI of custom add-ons (that do not expose std Plone4 UI) to avoid rewrite of UI code later when hopefully upgrading to Plone5.

From what I've read, Plone5 has Twitter Bootstrap under the hood but has renamed the CSS classes. I don't know of any other tweaks affecting front-end development. So if I just used collective.js.bootstrap now, perhaps the upgrade would be as easy as doing a few search & replace operations later?

Or are there pieces missing in Plone5 from "regular bootstrap", perhaps replaced by their re-implementations/wrappers by Mockup / patternslib?

Any suggestions? It would really help upgrading to Plone5 if one could start using the UI stuff already on Plone4, when possible.

Hi Petri,

IIRC Barceloneta is based on Bootstrap but you don't have bootstrap under the hood so you don't need it at all.

I'm not sure it this will be a simple task, but installing just the theme is something you can easily try.
What you will miss for sure are some Diazo rules you must re-implements yourself: you will not have the Plone toolbar so you must add editor component that will be missing (the old-good green bar for example).

Just an additional note.
This is the real power of Diazo: you are not forced to "rewrite your UI". Just develop the theme you want for Plone 4 (Bootstrap based? Foundation based? Front-page based? :smile: ), and then, when moving on Plone 5, you theme will be simpler, you will remove useless rules.