Barcelona Plone Conference 2017 keynotes announced, tickets are on sale

#ploneconf2017 keynotes have been announced and ticket sales are live now :slight_smile:

Oct. 16-22 is only 4 months away!

#Plone #pythonweb #reactjs #angular

  • Start planning now!
  • Submit your talk proposals
  • Plan to attend training (included in the low ticket cost)


we are interested in getting there and buy early birds tickets but we wanted to know if it was planned to negociate some accomodation in Barcelona? Will there be a Conference hotel or so?

Thank you for your reponse,


Hi @gbastien - yes, there will be housing information soon. It will include recommendations for a range of prices and locations.

All six keynotes are now listed on

Hi! Any updates on this?

Hi @davilima6 it's been on the site for some time, sorry: scroll down to "Where to Stay" on

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I had already seen that page, and appreciate it, but what I want to know is if there's any "preferred" conference hostel/accommodation, like one where more people will stay and for which we could try to get a group discount?

No, there is no primary hotel for this conference. You can email the conference list to ask where others are staying or you can modify the shared housing Google Doc (URL sent to the conference list) to try to coordinate where you might stay.

Thanks, @tkimnguyen! I added my name there and will wait a few more days before making a reservation.

For reference, here's the link: