Automatically fill some fields on ++add++Document? (Plone 6 Classic)

Is it possible to automatically fill / populate fields some on 'add document' in UI'?

for example: ++add++Document?title=something (not working)

If not: is it possible in volto?

This is example with a custom form

class AddForm(add.DefaultAddForm):
    portal_type = 'ZitelabVisit'
    template = ViewPageTemplateFile("templates/")        
    def update(self):
        super(AddForm, self).update()

def addExampleDataToVisit(form,parentobject):
    valuestoadd = {'title':'xxx', 'field2':'yyy'}
    for group in form.groups:
        for key in group.widgets.keys():
            if key in valuestoadd:


Sorry, I did not 'write my question properly'.
I have done it with a custom form, but I wondered if this was already built in for existing fields / content types .

If not, maybe it is possible to exten DefaultAddForm itself, instead of add many new AddForms (or at least entries for each in .zcml)

You can provide defaults at the interface level as well...


ARTICLE_TEMPLATES = SimpleVocabulary(
        SimpleTerm(TEMPLATE_DEFAULT, title=_('Default')),
        SimpleTerm(TEMPLATE_INTERVIEW, title=_('Interview')),

class IArticle(Schema):
    template = schema.Choice(
        description=_('Add which kind of template you want to use'),

Something like this? :thinking:

See How to prefill the title of a dexterity add form and Populating / prefilling a form field by URL Query String does not work

My original question was not explaing thing properly.

In fact, I have a AddView that takes 'somthing' from ?something, but I did not know if this was already possible for 'common fields', which in fact would have been useful (the same was the 'reset password link does').

Main goal was to avoid making uncessesay templates for many content types

Using GET to create content is wrong and lead to problems (XSS the first). What is the use case?

For someone elses site: Someone is making a TinyMCE Plugin that is supposed to (also) do something like this 1) The user select some text (in TinyMCE) in a document 2) The user clicks a button 3) A new window is opened with a new Document (or other content type) which gets the same 'title' as the selected text.

Slightly related: Since the content does not exist yet when clicking the 'create linked document': Would it be possible (for him) to construct an UUID and and include that in the url and have the AddView use this value for UUID. That way it would be possible for TinyMCE plugin to insert the linke 'before the document is created' (?)

Use a browser view that receive the text, create the object with the title and redirects to it. The only drawback is that the object will be created anyway, but you can create it in a staging area and then move it somewhere else.