Autoincrement Versionnumber in


is there a way to increment the versionnumber in a file of an addon? I use git. Perhaps a post-commit hook with a custom script or is there another way?

best regards, Jan

You don't want that.
Simple changes do not necessarily justify any magic for incrementing counters or whatever.

Tools like

provide the option to perform release specific actions as part of an explicit step.

You really don't want magic things happen magically.

Explicit is better than implicit.


I would rephrase it that way: zest.releaser is exactly what you want

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But not as part of a Git hook.


It was just an idea he had, don't be so hard to him :wink:

This thread is a good time to point all to Semantic Versioning - which does not work with version-numbers per commit.

Thanks for the tipps

There is setuptools_scm:

Though, if you do not want to make automated releases for every single commit (which is a valid use case for CI/CD), you should go with zest.releaser.

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