Assigning groups to roles as part of site setup?

We are using plone.plugins.pas for retrieving users and groups from LDAP. So far, so good.

Is it possible to assign roles to LDAP groups directly as part of the site setup - either using Generic Setup or a resource registry configuration? Workaround would be to make the assignment via sharing on the root node.

A GroupAwareRoleManager should work?

Never heard :slight_smile: but it seems to be a solution

When you create a Plone group in standard Plone and assign a group to roles then you can export the settings as portal_role_manager.xml.

Importing a related portal_role_manager.xml with LDAP groups has zero effect.

In the end I wrote a small script assigning groups to roles manually using portal_groups.editGroup() as used by the Plone groups controlpanel.

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