Aspiring gsoc 2023 participant plone set up help

Hello, I am Nihal.
I was going through the plone 6 training docs and I am not able to set up my backend for training project.
When I run make build command its showing this error on my windows laptop. Is there any detailed resource for setup or any video explaining setup.

Hello Nihal,

Can you provide the readers of your post please with a bit more information?

  • On which (linux?)OS and version are you trying to install the Plone backend?
  • Which python version are you using/is available on the command line? What does 'python' give for output? (ctrl-d to exit)
  • if you make a temporary directory and run python -m venv . in that directory, does the command succeed?
  • if not, does it succeed with python3 -m venv .

if the virtualenv was created succesfully:

  • Can you run ./bin/pip in that temporary directory and get the default help output from pip?
  • Cn you run . ./bin/activate?

Educated guess: if you are running on a recent ubuntu/debian linux or WSL2 (windows subsystem for linux) and installed python(3) and python-dev using package management:

  • don't forget to also install python3-venv. This contains the venv module. Some linux OS's split off this module from the main python3 package and make it a deliberate extra install because it allows users to not use the 'system' package manager but the python package manager.

@Nihal I am also facing similar issue. Were you able to solve it on your end?

I also had the similar issue and i was able resolve it ,
It was due to the python version in my Ubuntu os
I resolved it by changing this line "python -m venv venv" to "python3 -m venv venv" in make file

Do check what version of python you are using and make the changes accordingly

I changed python to python3 in makefile
Then I ran make build. It gives me following error.
Please tell me how to resolve it?

Your Python installation has no ssl module available (as the error states). Either because their is no openssl installed on the system or/and the Python build is incomplete. What is your Linux distribution? How is Python installed?

Thank you for replying.
I was able to build it and now it is working.
Thanx :slight_smile: