Arranging portlets

Hi, I have a question about arranging portlets on a website using Plone 4.
Please excuse my improper use of terminology, I'm using the German version of Plone 4, so I don't know how certain features are named in English - I'll just try to do my best describing what I mean.
So, on my website, I have a static portlet that is supposed to be displayed on every page and subpage, and it's supposed to always be displayed on the very top of the right column. Of course, this works quite easily since Plone allows me to carry over portlets from the main page to all subpages. However, on one of my subpages, I have a portlet that is supposed to be only shown on this subpage. Plone automatically moves this portlet onto the top of the column, and displays the portlet that is carried over from the main page underneath. I would like this to be the other way round, though: the static portlet from the main page should be on top with the new portlet underneath.
I hope I explained the problem sufficiently... do you know if there is a solution to this problem?

Can't you block all parent portlets on this particular page and assign all portlets as needed to this subpage?

Otherwise you need to write and assign a custom portlet manager.


There is an add on (that I have never used), I am not even sure if it is for Plone 4, but you could try: