Are we Jamstack ready?

Hey everyone!
Would you say that Plone is suitable as a headless cms for a Jamstack website? How much do you think that Volto differs from other known Jamstack frontend?

We recently discussed with a potential client that told us they would rather go with a Jamstack solution than a Volto site. I have my own opinion about the questions I asked at the beginning of the post, therefore I think they mainly said that because they don't know Volto and Plone, while Jamstack is such a powerful buzzword nowadays.
So I was thinking: should Plone be in this list? Headless CMS - Top Content Management Systems | Jamstack

Also on the subject: Plone and Volto in a Jamstack project - Asko Soukka - YouTube


Reading on the What is Jamstack page, I think not even your client would want a pure Jamstack:

With Jamstack, the entire front end is prebuilt into highly optimized static pages and assets during a build process.

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Absolutely yes!

We are currently building up our stack to have Plone as a headless CMS (classic Plone, but Volto would work too), and then either static or dynamic front ends, e.g. NuxtJS or Eleventy.

On the Plone backend site we have:

And for the frontend:

Also, we have GitHub - cusyio/cusy.cms: Cusy CMS policy, which is our policy and provides basic configuration. It also contains a “subsite” package (based on lineage). So with subsites you are able to have 1 Plone backend and multiple targets. Those targets can be multiple static hosted front-ends. Our plone-nuxt-module already supports that, as well as multi lingual sites.

It is currently all in development, but please take a look at the packages and leave a comment if you want to. We decided to build it as modular as possible, so that you can install the individual packages in your existing Plone sites without getting a bunch of additional dependencies you don’t need.

Future development ideas include:


Thanks for sharing all the info! You have a lot going on there :slight_smile:
Obviously I also think the answer is "Yes!". Possibly some packages like gatsby-source-plone or plone-nuxt-module would be missing for major Jamstack players like Next.js, but I don't think they are 100% needed to begin with.

How do we push Plone in that list then?

I think you can just add a here: at main · jamstack/ · GitHub
and submit a PR
(see contribute section at the bottom of Headless CMS - Top Content Management Systems | Jamstack - below is a contribute section)
I think you can ask Marketing team to think up a catchy description if you need one :slight_smile:

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