Are there any repository for plone that does not require pip or similar?

I would like to try out Plone 6 but do not want to go through pip or similar as they require a lot of manual security testing of each underlying package. So is it possible to find a repository instead for i.e. Debian ?

Here is a link to explain what I am talking about with i.e. Pip:
quora com --> How-do-we-know-if-pip-packages-are-safe-to-install-Are-all-pip-packages-generally-safe
(not allowed to add links apparently)

Three installation options:

  • buildout
  • pip
  • docker
  • universal installer
    There are no official Plone packages for distros (anymore).

Anyone of these where the project have full control of all underlying software packages? I.e. does the universal installer maybe include a "binary" bz/gz package of all underlying packages that have been security reviewed? Or how do you at any time all the packages pip/other installers download may not have been tapered with? Like the packages listed in the Quora com page I originally tried to include?

On the list, even well known packages like "numpy", "werkzeug", "pytz" have at some point caused tampered versions to be installed by Pip.

Searching for option I btw just discovered there is a turnkey linux image of Plone - not sure yet what version is included, but might be the option I am looking for!? - Will try - if someone have comments or other options, or can state why I rather should trust the options you listed, I am all ears!

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