Are there actual schema definitions for zcml and pt files available?

Today we had a quick discussion at work as somebody noted that the currently used namespace values (e.g. do not resolve to an actual page.

A colleague mentioned that with an actual schema IDEs like PyCharm could provide autocompletion for pagetemplates and zcml files.

I do know that xmlns=.... is just an identifier and does not need to resolve.

Anyway, is anybody aware whether there are actual schema files available for either zcml or pagetemplates / chameleon?

Or is there anything else out there to enable autocompletion and maybe even linting of zcml / pagetemplate files?


My quick searching, going back decades, seems to show that there was no XSD created for TAL & METAL

There is no 'chameleon' namespace, as chameleon was a re-branding of Zope Page Templates with some new features.

I would also love the url's to resolve to actual DTD / XSD (I'm not an XML guru, but one of those acronyms is correct).

I'm nerdy and would like to make this happen too.