Applications for Plone Communications Team lead (due Dec. 14, 2016)

On behalf of the entire Plone community, the Foundation Board thanks Christina McNeill (@3dogMcNeill) for her outstanding, effective, and heartfelt work leading the Communications Team for the past few years. We are saddened that Christina is unable to continue her team leadership duties.

The Board seeks applications for a new Communications Team lead. Please respond with inquiries and send your application to by December 14, 2016

Communicating within the Plone community and externally to the public is critical to the continuing success of the Plone project.

Since its inception, the Plone Foundation by-laws have mentioned only one team explicitly, the Communication/Marketing Team, emphasizing its importance to the project’s and community’s ongoing vitality.

The Communication/Marketing Team leader (the “Team leader”) plays an equally critical role in identifying, mentoring, collaborating with, and motivating volunteer members of the team. The Team leader is also responsible for setting and meeting objectives.


A member of the Plone Foundation Board currently serves as liaison with the Communications/Marketing Team. The liaison will ensure that regular updates on the team’s activities are provided to the Board and that the team receives any necessary guidance from the Board.


The Team leader is responsible for:

    • posting news items
    • posting events
  • publishing and periodically reviewing success stories
  • publishing on social networks:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • LinkedIn
  • publishing the bimonthly Plone newsletter
  • reposting important items to the forum (

The Team leader is responsible for creating posts with the following desired frequency:

  • news item: 1 per week
  • event: 1 per month
  • Facebook: 1 per week
  • Twitter: 2 per week
  • Google Plus: tbd
  • LinkedIn: tbd
  • success story: 1 per month
  • Plone newsletter: 1 every other month

The Team leader’s social network marketing responsibilities include:

  • boosting Facebook and Twitter posts with paid advertising social media campaign funds
  • reporting regularly on social media campaign results


The Communications/Marketing Team leader should have the following skills:

  • familiarity and affinity with the Plone community and wider open source communities
  • ability to communicate effectively with the Plone and wider open source communities
  • represent the spirit and values of the Plone community on various communication channels
  • experience with social network publishing, measuring & analytic tools
  • experience editing and publishing a blog or newsletter
  • ability to reach out to individuals to seek out newsworthy stories

The Plone Foundation Board appoints the leader of the Communications/Marketing team.

An open leadership position in the Communications/Marketing team will be filled by a call for applications made initially to the Plone Foundation membership, then to the general Plone community.

The Plone Foundation Board will review all candidate applications and will vote to select the best qualified candidate(s) with the skills mentioned above.

The Board is not required to select a candidate if there is no minimally qualified candidate.

The Board is open to selecting up to two candidates to serve simultaneously if two qualified candidates make it known that they’d like to share the duties collaboratively and split the travel stipend.

##Annual Review
The Plone Foundation Board will evaluate annually the Team leader’s performance of duties.

Following the evaluation, the Board will vote on whether to ask the Team leader to continue performing the duties.


A stipend, to be awarded to the Team leader, is intended to help Plone communicate more consistently, both within and outside the Plone community.

The Team leader will receive a travel stipend of up to $4,000 USD annually from the Plone Foundation that can be used to attend the annual Plone conference, including air fare, accommodations, meals, and conference attendance fee, and/or related community events such as the Plone Open Garden, Write the Docs, PyCon, EuroPython.

The stipend is not remuneration in the classical sense (“salary”), but more a token of appreciation. The stipend serves to further the Team leader’s involvement in the Plone community: since face-to-face meetings are a vital part of our community spirit, a travel stipend helps further that bond.

In the event the Team leader does not fulfill a complete year of work, the stipend will be adjusted according to the length of services rendered.

Inquiries and Applications due by December 14, 2016

Please respond with inquiries and send your application to by December 14, 2016

Thank you very much Christina, a.k.a. @3dogMcNeill for what you have done for the community, I appreciated it a lot! Cheers, Ida

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